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Mrs. April Stowe To All Instructors

April Stowe is a graduation of Seminole State. She is a wife to Tony, a mother of 5, a cheerleading coach, and a devoted follower of Christ.  

Although Mrs Stowe was born in Texas, she was raised in a military family and grew up in Europe and the southwestern states of the US.  She began homeschooling her youngest two children in 2016 when her family relocated to Corpus Christi, bringing back to her beloved Texas.  

April has a deep love for art of all kinds and works in many art mediums.  She has been creating and selling textile and mixed media art since 1999 and her work has been featured in three top industry magazines.  She has also received many awards and been recognized internationally for her hand sewn creations. She began teaching art  in 2019 and enjoys seeing her students develop and express their artistic visions.  

In addition to art,  April enjoys animals, running, and coaching.  She is an active volunteer at her church, CCHS, and the humane society.  She also serves as the cheerleading coach for the CCHS Badgers JV team.  

Mrs Stowe's teaching style could be described as facilitating.  She loves to ask questions instead of giving answers and believes the best way to teach art is to  encourage independent thought and self-learning through hands-on activities. 

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