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Mrs. Teri Lewinski To All Instructors

When Teri Lewinski is not dreaming of taking long walks on the beach, she is living out her vocation
married to the most handsome man in the world and training up their children “in the way they should
go” (pv22:6) and praying and hoping for Heaven for them, eventually.

Being raised in a military family has taught Teri to roll with the punches and find joy in the unexpected. She
has experienced different cultures, world views and worn many hats (missionary, librarian, volunteer,
student, civil rights activist, explorer, secretary, chef, cellist, gardener, dreamer, lover, try-er). She has
(mostly) learned lessons at every opportunity and has found the best place to be is firmly in the Catholic

Going forward Teri hopes for Heaven (but not too soon) and is enjoying the beautiful mess she’s been
blessed to call her every day.

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