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Sonya Jones To All Instructors

When Sonya said yes to Todd, an artist, she couldn't imagine how much prominence art would have in her life.   A philosophy major at Christopher Newport University, she added a minor in art, as he added a minor in philosophy.   Common dates were painting together while discussing mysticism.  For better promise in employment, Todd went on for a teacher's certification in art, as Sonya began a Montessori teacher education program.  She studied on a 28 foot sailboat, navigating for 9 months along the Intracoastal Waterway from Virginia to help her parents bring the vessel to their future retirement location.  She arrived in Corpus Christi in March 1999 by boat with a beautiful view of the Downtown Marina.  Todd drove down, and they married in 1999 to create more together, including 6 children, ages 5-23.  

Sonya completed her Montessori training with the St. Nicholas Training Centre in 2001.  That same year, she, her mother, and her sister opened up Mi Casita Montessori School in 2001 which is a Montessori Spanish immersion school for children 18 months to 6 years old.  There she started serving as Program Director, Toddler Community Guide, and Kindergarten English teacher.  Her observations on the youngest children intrigued her to continue a Master in Montessori Education with a Specialization in prenatal life to age 3 from Loyola University with the AMI certificate from the Montessori Institute in Denver.  Observing that children learn best with hands-on opportunities, she desired to bring the Catholic faith to the family school by offering the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which is Montessori based.  She completed the certification for all three levels.  Currently, at the family school, she's only involved in teaching English in the afternoons and the Good Shepherd program.

Since 2010, one family member or another has been involved in performing at Harbor Playhouse in over 20 musicals.  Aside from naturally enjoying watching her own family charm on stage, she loves how drama combines the many arts of music, dance, costuming, prop/set building, and teamwork to culminate to perform a story.  Consequently, she now brings the art of drama to the co-op. 

Her background in philosophy and education trained her to continually observe and re-evaluate to prepare and better environments, whether work or family.  As a Catholic mother, she didn't hesitate to change pace when she felt called to homeschool to better help herself and her family in the art of living which calls us to "seek first the Kingdom of God."

Current Classes
Middle School Drama/Literature - Fall 2023 – (open)