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Application for Family Membership

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Thanks for requesting membership to our Homeschool Academy. We are currently enrolling for SPRING 2024. Read ABOUT US in order find more information about our Mission, Vision, Educational Philosophy and Statement of Faith.


  1. Apply for Family Membership (This is your current step.)
  2. While waiting for approval, you are welcome to pay your membership fee of $100 viewable in your account at any time. 
  3. Admin will review your request and approve/deny your application. (If you do not receive an approval/denial within 24 hours, please email us at [email protected]. Denial is rare, so don't worry. It is just a step to weed out spam.)
  4. Once your application for family membership is approved, you are free to enroll for classes. 
  5. Ensure admin fee of $100 is paid by due date.
  6. Ensure your first payment of your family class fee payment plan is paid by due date. 
  7. Show up and attend classes starting on the first day of school. 
  8. Enjoy the semester! 
  9. Please make class suggestions for next semester at any time.


An administrative fee of $100/family is due for SPRING 2024 and will show up as a balance owed upon applying for family membership, which will be invoiced to pay via PayPal and will be due prior to classes beginning. This administrative fee will be collected by OLW Homeschool Academy to fund supplies for teachers and other administrative fees to offer these dynamic classes.


You must apply for a family membership and be approved by the admin before enrolling your child(ren) in any class(es). Please see the class schedule for individual class fee amounts. To make it even more affordable, a payment plan will be available upon request and will be split up into four payments and invoices with the due dates will be sent via PayPal. You may chose to pay these payments before or on the due date. You may browse the classes we are offering this semester by clicking on the Class Registration tab above. All class fees are paid directly to the Class Instructors for their services and are not kept by OLW Homeschool Academy. If your family cannot afford these fees, limited financial assistance may be available on a case-by-case basis. If you need financial assistance, feel free to continue and apply for family membership, then reach out to us at [email protected] requesting information on available financial assitance. 


A contractor instructor agreement separate from this registration form will be entered for instructors. For instructors with children enrolled as students in this homeschool academy, all fees collected for taught courses will first be credited towards the balanced owed, then will be paid out according to instructor agreement. Opportunities for parent assistants may be available on a limited basis. In this case, and agreement between the instructor and parent assistant will be formed and such agreement will be entered into at that time. Please note, per the Diocese of Corpus Christi Safe Environment volunteer requirement, all instructors, assistants and other adult volunteers are required to complete a criminal background check and complete the Safe Environment training for adults.

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Additional Questions

Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of Wisdom Homeschool Academy. We are a Catholic hybrid school that teaches classes in accord with the Magesterium of the Church and guided by the Catholic Catechism. If you are interested in membership with OLW Homeschool Academy, please read our Mission, Vision, Teaching Philosophy, and Statement of Faith before proceeding with the admission process. 

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